Restoration Boosts Local Economy

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has just released an economic analysis of restoration through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) Program and Coastal Program: Restoration Returns: The Contribution of Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and Coastal Program Project to Local U.S. Economies. An executive summary of the Coastal Program piece (with eye-catching graphics) can be found here: Coastal Restoration Returns.

The study finds that for every $1 invested in local projects by the USFWS Coastal Program, $6.86 is leveraged from local and private partners and $12.78 is gained in economic returns. In FY 2011, the Coastal Program invested $2.8 million in projects and $16 million was leveraged from partners. This resulted in $35.6 million in local economic stimulus and 473 jobs created in one year.

In the PFW program, every $1 contributed to a project generated $15.70 in economic return. In FY2011, $18.6 million in funding was leveraged with $142 million, for a total of $161 million. The overall PFW program economic stimulus in FY2011 amounted to $292 million and 3,500 new jobs.