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This site is dedicated to sharing information about climate change, its impacts to tribal treaty resources, and potential response strategies. The goal is to enhance communication, networking, and discussion among the staff, leaders, and members of the 20 tribes of the NWIFC and their partners.

The site is still under development, so please stay tuned. Future posts may include some or all of the following topics:

  • Scientific Information (summaries and links to important studies, synthesis papers on key subjects, opportunities to participate in research)
  • Adaptation and Response Strategies (actions being implemented, developing responses, lessons learned from Tribal Country)
  • Funding Opportunities (upcoming due dates, key information gleaned from RFPs, Q&A with grantors if applicable)
  • Training, Workshops, and Conferences (recommendations, any behind-the-scenes discussions with conveners)
  • Government Programs and Advisory Councils (updates on federal, state, and local climate change initiatives)
  • Communication and Education (how to talk to people about climate change, K-12 and adult education programs and opportunities)