The Coast Salish Gathering will host a Climate Change Summit April 26–27 for tribal leaders, scientists and federal government representatives.

Climate change has received considerable attention as evidence continues to accumulate demonstrating the extent of the impacts that are faced. The majority of climate change models predict drastic changes in air and ocean currents, sea-level rise, and unpredictable precipitation events. These changes are already occurring, with unforeseen, negative ramifications.

The Climate Change Summit will provide an opportunity for Coast Salish Nations’ leaders and scientists to gather for a dialogue on climate change impacts, information sharing and to strengthen our science and policy to address the environmental impacts upon our human health, traditional rights and cultural sustainability. Several sessions will blend science and policy to deal with impacts upon human health, traditional rights and communities. These sessions will be set up so that they are interactive conversations with all of the participants, led by experts in the particular subject topic.

For more information, visit www.coastsalishgathering.com.

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