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Graphic facilitation uses both sides of the brain

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Timothy Corey doing the graphic facilitation

Running like a river through the Coast Salish Climate Change Summit is Timothy Corey’s graphical facilitation banner that is part fine art, part flow chart. Corey has done the 40-foot panel daily representations of a variety of summits for three years. Using pastel chalks and permanent markers, Corey creates a mural of ideas and art representing presentations and dialogue. “It’s a way for everyone in the room to be heard,” said Corey. “It’s both digital and analog. For the person who would give you directions with miles and compass points, it’s got more concrete items; for the person who would give you landmarks to go by, there are more graphic representations.” It’s also a way to harvest ideas from the day’s events. You can see other photos of Corey’s work here.