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Budget reduction documents for Ecology

September 28th, 2011  |  Published in Budget, Department of Ecology, Puget Sound Partnership, State Agencies

Earlier this year state agencies were required to file plans with OFM on how they would help bridge the current state budget gap. The Department of Ecology has posted there’s here.

The largest proposed cut from Ecology is in staffing levels:

This reduction request includes permanent staffing cuts that will reduce motor vehicle emission testing, stream flow monitoring, water quality permit administration and water resources management.  It also includes one-time 2011-13 biennium staff cuts focused on air quality, toxic cleanup, and grant management activities.  The reductions include a mix of ongoing, direct General Fund-State cuts and one-time cuts and transfers from dedicated environmental accounts.

Also included in Ecology’s supplimental budget is a new request for funds to satisfy the results of a lawsuit filed by the Squaxin Island Tribe:

Johns Creek Hydrogeology Study – $171,000 State Drought Preparedness Account and $80,000 General Fund-Private/Local.  Ecology, the city of Shelton, and the Port of Shelton will partner to develop a groundwater model for Johns Creek.  The model will give Ecology information to make water management decisions in the basin and help Ecology respond to concerns raised by the Squaxin Island Tribe in their petition for rule-making in the Johns Creek Basin.

OFM has posted links to other agencies that have posted budget reduction memos, none of which are directly natural resources related (some natural resources agency documents have been added).

Upcoming committee meetings for September and October

September 7th, 2011  |  Published in Legislative Meetings

There are several meetings schedules for legislative committees over the next couple of months. Here are the listings for possible relevant meetings.

Full listing are also available for all meetings in September and October.