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Governor’s proposed budget includes increases across major natural resources agencies

December 21st, 2012  |  Published in Budget

All four major natural resources state agencies would see increases in Gov. Gregoire’s final state budget. The details are laid out in the following sections of the budget.

Ecology (10.2 percent increase)

Fish and Wildlife (3.5 percent increase)

Puget Sound Partnership (11.7 percent increase)

Natural Resources (10.9 percent increase)

This document also outlines specific spending measure to address “threats to the Puget Sound and our Coast.”  For example, here is the portion dealing with increases to salmon recovery funding:

Puget Sound Salmon habitat acquisition  and restoration

The Recreation and Conservation Funding Board will provide grants for high-priority projects in Puget Sound that protect and restore salmon habitat and for other salmon recovery programs and activities to implement salmon recovery plans. ($80.0 million bonds)

Puget Sound Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program

The Recreation and Conservation Funding Board will provide grants to complete projects that protect and restore the Puget Sound near-shore areas, in support of Puget Sound Action Agenda goals. ($10.0 million bonds)

Salmon Recovery Funding Board programs 

The Recreation and Conservation Funding Board  will provide grants for projects that protect or restore salmon habitat and for other salmon  recovery activities. ($15.0 million bonds, $60.0 million General Fund-Federal. Puget Sound portion: $6.6 million bonds, $27.0 million General Fund-Federal)

Watch the fish consumption rate hearing from last week

December 3rd, 2012  |  Published in Department of Ecology

Last Friday the house environmental committee held a hearing on the fish consumption rate issue. You can watch the hearing here.