Forestry Practices: Eric Beach, Green Diamond

There has been a lot of history in our area. The Olympic Peninsula is known for its ability to grow trees. It’s been a viable resource for more than 100 years. Forest harvesting started on private land, to public land and then back to private. Transportation of logs started with railroads and then roads.

Why are gravel roads a concern? They create sediment, which we don’t want to introduce into the system. So we want make sure our runoff goes into the forest floor and not the watershed.

Note: Sediment is not produced just by being on the road; it’s when high levels of precipitation take place and trucks are driving on the road.

Green Diamond has Best Management Practices they follow. The best way to help is to disconnect the road from the stream network. The second thing we do is limit the amount of sediment produced by the roadway.

Next step is capture sediment, then final option is suspending traffic on road during heavy periods of rain.

Operating procedures include surveying drainage patterns and delivery points.

Effective monitoring includes engineering and operational practices that prevent or mitigate fine sediment delivery to streams.