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SB 5248 update in Senate agriculture committee, December 7

November 30th, 2010  |  Published in Legislative Meetings

The Senate Agriculture and Rural Economic Development committee will hear an update on SB 5248, “Preserving the viability of agricultural lands.”

Here is the original information page for SB 5248.
Here is the bill as passed by the legislature in 2007.
Here is the staff summary on the final bill.

Agriculture & Rural Economic Development
10:00 a.m.
Senate Hearing Rm 3
J.A. Cherberg Building

Work Session:

  • Update on SB 5248 (2007) process by Ruckelshaus Center.
  • Status of warehouse and transportation facilities supporting food banks in Washington State.
  • Update on Transporting Over-height Farm Implements (SSB 6816–2010).

NWIFC staff contact is Jim Weber:

Agenda item added for Dec. 6 Senate Natural Resources committee

November 23rd, 2010  |  Published in Legislative Meetings

As noted here, the Senate Natural Resources, Oceans and Recreation Committee will hold a meeting on December 6, at 3:30, in Senate hearing room 2 in the Cherberg Building.

A work session has been added to the agenda on the following items:

Perspectives on Washington’s natural resources management and policy.

  • Exploration of the Columbia by Lewis and Clark as a case study in environmental history. David Nicandri: Director, Washington State Historical Society.
  • Perspectives on ocean and marine resource policies. William D. Ruckelshaus: Commissioner, Joint Ocean Commission; Past Chair, Puget Sound Leadership Council.
  • Perspectives on Puget Sound protection and restoration. Kathy Fletcher: Executive Director, People for Puget Sound.

Legislative committee meetings week of December 6

November 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Legislative Meetings

Several natural resources centric legislative committee meetings have been scheduled for the first full week of December.

One committee hearing of note is on Friday, a discussion of reforming state natural resources agencies. The governor’s office put out a press release on this topic last week, pointing out a progress report.

Monday, December 6
3:30 p.m.  Senate Natural Resources, Ocean & Recreation
Senate Hearing Rm 2, J.A. Cherberg Building

Work Session:

  • To be announced.
  • Other business.

Tuesday, December 7
8 a.m. Senate Environment, Water & Energy
Senate Hearing Rm 4
J.A. Cherberg Building

Work Session:

  • Interim recommendations of the Cross-Partnership Oil Spill work group: Briefing.
  • 2010 report on Water Resources Program: Functions and funding structure- update.
  • Wind integration update and the Columbia River high-water operations: Briefing.

Wednesday, December 8
10:00 am House Environmental Health
House Hearing Rm C
John L. O’Brien Building

Work Session: Changes in Air Quality regulations and the impact on human health and local communities.

  • Changes in federal standards for small particulate matter and ozone.
  • Human health impacts from these sources of air pollution.
  • Impacts on local communities that do not meet the air quality standards.

Friday, December 10
8:00 am, House Ecology & Parks
House Hearing Rm C
John L. O’Brien Building

Work Session:

  • Update on climate policy in Washington.
  • Discussion on natural resources agency reform.
  • Discussion of Washington’s oil spill programs.