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Governor’s proposed budget includes additional culvert money

December 18th, 2013  |  Published in Budget

Gov. Jay Inslee released a proposed supplemental budget yesterday, including changes to the budgets of several natural resources agencies. You can find links to agency details here and a summary here.

Direct links here:
Fish and Wildlife
Natural Resources
Puget Sound Partnership

The proposed budget for the Department of Fish and Wildlife includes an additional $1.4 million for culvert repairs:

After finding that Washington State has not met certain obligations under tribal treaties, a federal court issued a permanent injunction against the state, including the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The March 2013 injunction mandates that fish blocking culverts owned by state natural resource agencies be repaired within 3.5 years to remedy the loss in salmon productivity and the violation of tribal treaty rights. The injunction also requires that maintenance and recurring assessments be conducted on culverts to ensure they do not become barriers to salmon. This funding will allow the department to meet its portion of these obligations.

Prefiled bills for upcoming session being added now

December 17th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

Prefiled bills are coming in, so I’m adding them to the list as they appear. So far four natural resources related bill have been added in the last couple weeks.

You can find the entire list of natural resources bills here.